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Café Café doesn't just sell food and coffee, it sells an attitude – a sort of lackadaisical insouciance that manifests itself both in its slogan (“Take your time”) and its sorta lazy name (“What? It's a café. You need to know more? It's a café café. Café Café. Trademark.”).


Unsurprisingly, given all that, Café Café hails directly from Tel Aviv, and now it's taken up residence where you'd most expect it: the increasingly crowded Emek Refaim, where you can't walk two meters without tripping over a full Israeli breakfast and an Illy espresso. Café Café's menu, kosher l'mehadrin in true Jerusalem spirit, you've mostly seen before: a full lineup of breakfast articles (Israeli breakfast, croissants, shakshuka, croissant sandwiches with cheese and pesto), monster salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, quiches, schnitzel, gnocchi and bagel toasts, but they get a little adventurous with the inclusion of salmon Escabeche and bali bali, an Indonesian concoction incorporating salmon, coconut milk, green curry, chiles, peanuts and fresh vegetables.


Also – and this is key – Café Café has a full bar of Alcohol, so don't hesitate to order your morning croissant with a helpful fog cutter.


  • Kids friendly
  • Kosher (Mehadrin)

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