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Attractions in Jerusalem



in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is home to more attractions than can possibly be enjoyed in one visit (so you'll have to make plans to make several more). From museum visits, Segway tours, walking tours and light spectacular shows you can book your entertainment here to really enhance your visit

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Attractions in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is so full of fabulous, wondrous and amazing attractions that it helps to know that from the start you will need to be selective because you just won't have time to see them all. That being said it would help to know what's out there in order to narrow down your search.

From Segway tours that allow you to take a very modern look at an ancient and historic city (both during the day and in the nighttime); the Tower of David night show, that uses lights to highlight sections of the citdel as a narrator gives you a taste of the history and importance of it; the time elevator that takes you on a 3,000 year old journey from the City of David to the re-unification of Jerusalem in 1967 with modern interactions at the heart of its message.

Jerusalem's wide range of museums from the Israel Museum that houses some of the most famous artefacts anywhere in the country, Yad Vashem which tells the history of the Holocaust: before, during and after; the City of David with it's 3,000 year history that is still to this day being revealed by archaeological digs; the amazing markets at Mahane Yehuda with its rich bounty of fruit, vegetables, candies and more; the Arab Shuk in the Old City with its teeming bazaars providing an opportunity to buy all manner of things


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