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Grand Café joined the many cafes dotting Baka's leafy, pastoral thoroughfare, Beit Lechem Road, in November 2011, distinguishing itself with both aesthetic and culinary excellence and appeal. The design is pleasant, attractive and well thought out. When the weather allows, diners can sit at the bright outdoor sidewalk patio which boasts around twenty small round tables and decorative iron chairs. The spacious interior has the feel of a sleek and modern, but comfortable, neighborhood café, and options for seating include a relaxed, roomy bar as well as tables with simple but attractive retro-style black cushioned chairs.


While Jerusalem is home to more than its fare share of restaurants offering rich Israeli breakfasts, Grand Café's includes hard to find selections such as eggs Benedict (sans bacon), as well as coffee refills for just 6 NIS, a perk caffeine addicts won't be able to resist. Main dish highlights include eggplant lasagna with mozzarella, feta, and tomato sauce, but make sure to leave room for dessert: choose from an assortment of freshly baked pastries made from the finest raw ingredients, all prepared on site daily, as well as novel specialties such as fried gugelhupf with caramelized fruits, sour cream & maple syrup.

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday 7:00-24:00 | Friday: 7:00-15:00 (in the winter) ; 7:00-17:00 (in the summer) | Saturday night: from one hour after Shabbat ends

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