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Jerusalem 2 star hotels offers clean and comfortable accomodation, so you wouldn't have to compromise even with a tide budget. Just choose one of these centrally located hotels and enjoy Jerusalem at any budget

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Jerusalem 2 Star Hotels

Jerusalem's 2 star hotels might not share the luxury and exclusivity of some of the city's other more prestigious locations, but what they lack in amenities they more than make up for in fantastic location for exploring the sights, sounds and smells of this intoxicating city.

For example the Hashimi Hotel in the Old City offers unparalleled views from its rooftop terrace (the same is true of the Mount of Olives Hotel too) and is naturally within easy walking distance of all the religious sites and bazaars. Its interior is filled with Arabesque flourishes and Middle Eastern tilework, making it one of the most authentically Jerusalemite hotels in the city.

The Palatin Hotel offers easy access to Mahane Yehuda the bustling outdoor/indoor market, which is a staple of both the tourist map and local Jerusalemites' shopping trips. Several of the hotels including; the Zion and La Perle offer immediate access to the pedestrianized walkways of downtown Jerusalem and are conveniently located between the Old City and the Mahane Yehuda market.

Breakfast is served at each of the hotels, so wherever you choose to stay you will be able to fuel up before a busy day of sightseeing, exploration and shopping. For those visitors renting a car, only some of the hotels have parking facilities and of those who do, not all are complimentary for guests

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