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Terms of Use

Dear surfers,

Before using this Website, please thoroughly read through the Terms of Use, including the declaration of privacy at the end, which constitutes an integral part of these Terms of Use.  The Terms of Use, together with the declaration of privacy, constitute a binding agreement between us and you (hereafter - "the Terms of Use").

Use of the Website or any part thereof constitutes your agreement to the Terms of Use.  If you do not agree with the provisions of the Terms of Use or any part thereof do not register as subscribers, do not surf the site and do not make use of its services in any other way.
The Terms of Use apply to all use made of the Website, whether via the Internet or in any other way.  Moreover, the Terms of Use apply to use of the Website in any manner via computers or any other device, including mobile phones, handheld computers and the like.

A.  Preamble Portal Ltd. Was established 2008 aiming to assist in the promotion and development of the city of Jerusalem, inter alia via this Website.

The aim of the Website is to develop and encourage the spiritual, religious, culture and tourism of, and in, Jerusalem and to make available content and services for Jerusalem friends and lovers all over the world as well as for tourists, businesses and private customers.
The Website is located at, and operates under, the domain name owned by whose address is (heretofore and hereafter - "the Website"). The Website is not an official site of the city of Jerusalem or the state of Israel, and it is not operated on their behalf.

B.  General

1.  That stated in the preamble, the introduction that precedes it, and the declaration of privacy hereunder are each an integral part of the Terms of Use.

2.   That written heretofore and hereunder applies to every male and female surfing the Website, and language employing the male gender is for convenience only.

3.  In addition to definitions appearing elsewhere in the Terms of Use, the following definitions shall apply:

3.1  "Surfer" or "surfers" - any person or corporation surfing the Website, including a subscriber.

3.2  "Download" - download and any other action that is similar in nature.

3.3.  "Upload" - upload and any other action that is similar in nature.

3.4  "Subscriber" - a surfer who has registered as a member of the Website.

3.5  "Content" or "contents" - information of any kind including text, video, audio and any combination of these as well as the way they have been designed, processed, laid out, distributed and presented including (but not limited to) any picture, photograph, illustration, animation, sketch, image, simulation, sample, film clip, audio file, music file, any other file, software, computer code, application, format, protocol, database, interface and any character, mark, symbol and icon.

3.6  "Service" or "Website services" - any of the tourism and/or cultural and/or other similar services that are provided on and/or via and/or through the Website including via a linked site.

C.  General terms

4. reserves the right to adapt and/or suspend and/or cease and/or change and/or expand the Website content and/or Website services or part thereof at any time, including its character, authorizations for access thereto, availability, scope, hours of operation, and also software and/or equipment required to access the Website services. reserves the right to restrict certain activities and/or services and/or access thereto, in full or in part. In any event, it is hereby declared and agreed that shall not bear liability for any damage resulting from the aforesaid.

5. shall be permitted to change and/or amend and/or remove and/or add conditions to the Terms of Use or part thereof from time to time and at its exclusive discretion, provided that any such amendment appears on the Website, as Terms of Use normally appear.  It is clarified that shall not be required to notify each surfer or subscriber personally regarding the said changes. Any change and/or amendment in the Terms of Use will be binding from the date of its publication on the Website.

6. may offer, at its exclusive discretion, special activities, services, and content subject to special or differing conditions, which shall be notified to all or some of the surfers at its exclusive discretion and according to criteria to be determined.  It is hereby clarified that participation in the activities and/or exposure to the special content shall be considered agreement to the special terms, which  shall be set out near the special activity, service or content as the case may be and in a manner determined by GOJERUSALEM.COM. Any reference herein made to the Terms of Use shall include any special terms according to this section.

D. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

7.   Copyright and any other intellectual property rights in the Website, including the Website name, content, software and supplementary software that are used to operate the site, belong to GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or bodies associated therewith, whether or not notice of copyright has been included in relation to specific information. Copyright and any other intellectual property rights in other sites to which this Website contains a link, belongs to the operators and/or owners of those other sites and/or pursuant to that stated on those sites. The aforesaid shall not apply to Surfer Content as specified hereafter.
Without derogating from the surfer's responsibility for the compliance with the law and these Terms of Use of any content uploaded by him, distributed or made public in any other way on or via the Website ("Surfer Content"), the surfer hereby grants GOJERUSALEM.COM a perpetual, irrevocable, unrestricted, royalty-free license to copy, display, license, sublicense, distribute, publish, modify, edit, adapt, or make any other use of the Surfer Content.
Without derogating from the surfer's responsibility and rights with regard to Surfer Content, GOJERUSALEM.COM will be entitled, at any time and at its own discretion, to delete, alter, modify or edit the Surfer Content on the Website.

D. Declarations and Undertakings

8.   The surfer declares and undertakes as follows:

8.1  That he shall comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use and the provisions of any law when using the Website.  Moreover, that he shall comply with all the conditions that appear in connection with the Website services, even if they appear not on behalf of GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or if they appear on other sites to which the Website contains a link.

8.2.   That he is aware and agrees that GOJERUSALEM.COM and the Website do not personally act as travel and/or ticketing agents or as the provider of any services provided on the Website, except as explicitly otherwise stated, the Website services are provided by third parties, and that GOJERUSALEM.COM and the Website do not act as representatives and/or agents of any of the businesses or entities providing such services.

8.3.   That he is solely liable for any damage resulting from their reliance on the content provided in and/or via the Website and/or resulting from the use of services on the Website and/or of any service provided via the Website, and that he is aware that GOJERUSALEM.COM, its employees, officers and shareholders shall not bear liability for any direct and/or indirect damage, financial and/or otherwise, suffered by the surfers and/or third parties, resulting from reliance on or use of the aforesaid.  This restriction shall also apply if GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or anyone on its behalf foresaw and/or could have foreseen the damage in advance.

8.4.  That he is aware that personal details provided by him, insofar as such is provided, shall be stored in a database properly administered by GOJERUSALEM.COM, unless otherwise stated, and that it may be necessary  to forward these personal details to a third party for the purposes of, and in the course of using, the Website services.  In such an event, the instructions and regulations of the third parties shall apply to the personal details, and unless otherwise stated, GOJERUSALEM.COM shall not bear liability for, and/or have control over, such details. The surfer hereby undertakes that any information which may be required from them by GOJERUSALEM.COM or any associated body, for the purpose of subscription to the Website or to order goods or services via the Website, shall be true and complete.

8.5. That he is aware that GOJERUSALEM.COM does not supply any equipment and/or infrastructure necessary for the purpose of Internet access and for the purpose of obtaining services from the Website, including telephony equipment, modems and software for accessing the Internet and will not be responsible for any such equipment and/or infrastructure or for their suitability for the use of the services on the Website..

8.6.   Not to copy and/or distribute and/or trade and/or create links to any parts of the Website and/or content appearing therein, and not to create any deep links thereto, except where written notice has first been obtained from GOJERUSALEM.COM.

8.7 Not to send and/or install and/or upload to and/or via the Website information that is by law and/or contract not permitted to be uploaded - such as information that is harmful and/or stolen and/or misleading and/or the transfer of which is against public policy and/or constitutes a criminal offence and/or give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate the law, including where this constitutes breach and/or harm to copyright, trademarks, privacy laws or libel laws. Likewise, the user undertakes not to send and/or install and/or upload to and/or via the Website and/or distribute and/or make public in any other way via the Website any content which contains a virus or any other harmful content and/or constitute chain letters, pyramid games, virus hoaxes, false alarm messages, "spam" or similar material and/or contain and/or encourage and/or promote violence and/or pornography and/or racism and/or anti-Semitism. 

8.8  The surfer is not allowed to copy, download print, distribute or make any other use  of content, unless according to either of the following conditions::

8.8.1 The use referred to in this section is made for personal and non-commercial use only, for a purpose which is in no way competing with the Website, without altering or transforming the content. Any use according to this section must be made by giving credit to GOJERUSALEM.COM and strictly maintaining all copyright and other notices contained or relating to such content, including a link, and if not made on the internet, a reference to the Website, including its name and address. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, GOJERUSALEM.COM may, as the owner of the content, oppose to any use according to this section, if it deems, according to its sole discretion, the use made not appropriate or detrimental to the Website, or its name and the surfer undertakes to comply immediately with any such opposition or with any instructions received from GOJERUSALEM.COM with regard to the use of content..

8.8.2 GOJERUSALEM.COM has given its explicit prior approval to the use of content, and the use is made strictly according to the terms of such approval, and by giving credit to all copyright owners of the content, according to the instructions of GOJERUSALEM.COM.
8.9 To compensate and/or indemnify - fully and immediately upon first demand, GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or any entity that owns content contained in the Website and/or that provides services to the Website and any license holder and/or owner of other rights in the Website, for any claim and/or demand and/or suit and/or damage suffered thereby due to a breach of the Terms of Use of the Website and/or in connection with the supply of a service. In order to remove any doubt, GOJERUSALEM.COM shall be permitted to conduct its own legal defense as it sees fit if required to do so - including the reaching of a settlement and/or consent to arbitration and/or mediation proceedings - and the surfer and/or subscriber hereby undertakes to cooperate with GOJERUSALEM.COM in any legal proceeding as aforesaid.

E.  Registration and Use of the Website and Its Services

9.  Surfers who are interested in doing so can register as subscribers to the Website.  Registration to the Website may provide the subscriber with the possibility of responding to articles appearing on the Website, to transfer information to the Message Services as defined hereunder, and to take part in all other activities on and/or via the Website as determined by GOJERUSALEM.COM from time to time. As part of the registration process, the surfer seeking to register as a subscriber may choose a password and Username (hereafter - "Username").  In the course of registration and thereafter, the subscriber undertakes and declares:

9.1  Wherever required on the Website, to provide accurate, complete and updated information.

9.2  To provide a valid e-mail address (in the event that he holds one).

9.3  To update GOJERUSALEM.COM in the event of a change to any other relevant information regarding the subscriber.

9.4 He is above 18 years of age.

10.   It is hereby clarified that surfers and/or subscribers using the Website and/or its services shall be subject to the following conditions:

10.1  They shall not choose or use a Username belonging to another person and/or any information and/or detail belonging to another person in a manner that is misleading and/or in which they represent themselves as any other person or entity.

10.2  GOJERUSALEM.COM reserves the right, at its exclusive discretion, not to approve a Username that it believes is not suitable or that may be misleading and/or harmful.

10.3 A breach of the undertakings set out in section 10 herein, including the provision of misleading information, may result in access to the Website and/or its services being blocked, as well as the filing of a complaint with the police, in addition to any other rights available to GOJERUSALEM.COM under law.

11.   The subscriber shall be responsible for maintaining the integrity of his password, and shall bear responsibility for any use made of the password, even if this occurs without authorization.  The GOJERUSALEM.COM shall not bear liability for any damages caused to the subscriber and/or anyone on his behalf and/or any third party as a result of unauthorized use of the subscription.

12.    The subscriber can terminate his subscription at any time by way of written notice to GOJERUSALEM.COM

13. GOJERUSALEM.COM has the right to immediately terminate a subscription without prior notice in the event of non-compliance with the conditions stipulated in the Terms of Use, at its sole discretion and without derogating from any rights available to it under the law and/or the

Terms of Use.

F.  Use of Message Services

14.  The Website contains or may contain in the future forums, chat, notice boards, communities and  the like (the aforesaid services all jointly referred to hereafter as - "Message Services"). Message Services are deemed public communication, such that any content published or raised in these services by any surfer is open to perusal by others. Accordingly, care must be taken when using Message Services in the publication of personal details and/or identifying details personal to the surfer or anyone associated with him.

15.  Message Services shall only be used for the purposes of sending and receiving messages and information that are suitable in character for any message service. When using the Message Services, the following shall be prohibited:

15.1  Publication and/or dissemination and/or uploading of files, information, details or any other material of any kind, that may involve a breach of any law and/or harm to any third party, including, but not limited to, a breach of the criminal law, a breach of any intellectual property rights, invasion of privacy, harm to reputation, obscenity, profanity, libel, affront, intimidation, or threats.

15.2 Dissemination and/or publication and/or uploading of files containing computer viruses of any kind, "trojan horses", "worms" and/or any other file that may damage and/or harm a third party and/or his property, and/or the transfer of any information held by a third party without his knowledge or consent.

15.3 Conducting of surveys, questionnaires, competitions, chain letters and "pyramid games".

15.4 Publication and/or provision of information and/or offers of a commercial nature (unless prior consent has been obtained from GOJERUSALEM.COM).

15.5  Any limitation, interference or obstruction of the use and enjoyment by other surfers of the Message Services and/or the Website.

15.6 Likewise, the user undertakes not to send and/or install and/or upload to and/or via the Website and/or distribute and/or make public in any other way via the Website any content which contains and/or encourage and/or promote violence and/or pornography and/or racism and/or anti-Semitism. 

16.  GOJERUSALEM.COM shall be permitted, but not obligated, to supervise all Message Service activities, and as such it shall be permitted to examine and/or approve and/or remove and/or erase and/or edit any content and/or messages appearing on the Message Services, in full or in part, without warning and at its exclusive discretion.  In order to remove any doubt it is clarified that the aforegoing shall not constitute an undertaking by GOJERUSALEM.COM to carry out supervision or to impose on it any liability for supervision or non supervision.

17.   GOJERUSALEM.COM shall provide the platform for Message Services, but is not liable for the content published on the Message Services by surfers.  Consequently, GOJERUSALEM.COM shall not bear any liability for any publications within the framework of the Messages Services and/or in connection with damages resulting from such publications.

18.   It is clarified that by publishing and/or uploading of any content by any surfer within the framework of the Message Services and/or in any other place on the Website he gives GOJERUSALEM.COM an unlimited and irrevocable license to perform at its exclusive discretion any of the following activities with the content, without restriction and without the need to obtain any permission - to sell, transfer, copy, change, use, post, publicly perform and to grant subsidiary licenses for the aforesaid content or part thereof.
Transactions via the Website

Users who are above 18 years of age may purchase services and/or goods and/or carry out other transactions through the Website (a "Transaction"). Such Transactions may require the submission of personal data to the Website.
The surfer acknowledges and agrees, that the goods and/or services offered on the Website are offered by third parties (the "Providers"), and that GOJERUSALEM.COM will not be responsible in any way for the quality of the goods and/or services, the date of their provision, or for any other aspect of the Transaction. The surfer acknowledges and agrees, that any Transaction carried out via the Website shall be subject to the special terms for each transaction published on the Website, including such terms as may be published by the relevant Provider.

The surfer hereby undertakes that the data he will be required to provide at the time of the Transaction, will be complete, true and accurate. Without derogation from the general purport of the aforesaid, and without derogating from any remedy  according hereto or according to the law, in the event the date submitted by the surfer is incomplete, untrue or inaccurate, GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or the Provider will not be liable for the carrying out of the transaction or any delay or default in connection therewith.

In the event of cancellation of a Transaction, neither GOJERUSALEM.COM nor the Provider shall be obligated to refund any amount paid by the surfer, and any refund of payment done by the surfer shall be made only according to the special terms applying to the Transaction.

The surfer agrees, that GOJERUSALEM.COM will transfer to the Provider and/or to the credit card company all data submitted by him for in the framework of a Transaction. GOJERUSALEM.COM is not responsible in any way for the use made of such surfer data by the Provider and/or the credit card company. The surfer acknowledges and agrees that the Declaration of Privacy of GOJERUSALEM.COM does not bind the Provider and/or the credit card company.

G.  Limitation of Liability

19.   The Website content and services are provided As Is. GOJERUSALEM.COM does not warrant and shall not be liable towards surfers or subscribers with respect to content and/or services offered on the Website, including identification of the service provider and/or his credibility, or the availability and supply of the service, the possibility of realizing the service, suitability of the service, any assurance and/or representation and/or agreement with respect to the service, its cost, quality, terms and options of payment, and any other matter stemming directly and/or indirectly from receipt and/or provision of the service and/or from reliance upon receipt and/or provision of the service, all unless expressly stated otherwise.

20.  Publication of notices on the Website does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement by GOJERUSALEM.COM to purchase services and/or products offered thereby, and the conditions of any transaction entered into as a result of the notice or information published on the Website shall be finalized directly between the surfer and the relevant publisher and/or supplier and on their sole responsibility.   The surfer hereby waives any claim and/or demand and/or suit against GOJERUSALEM.COM with respect to any information, publication, content, product and/or service as aforesaid.

21.  The fact that links are contained on the Website does not constitute a recommendation to visit the linked sites, unless expressly stated.  GOJERUSALEM.COM declares that it has not taken any steps to examine the accuracy and/or reliability and/or quality of information contained in the linked sites and/or the services and/or products offered via the said sites.  GOJERUSALEM.COM recommends that every such site be checked before surfing and taking part in the activities offered therein, and in any event - anyone entering another site via a link from the Website does so on his own responsibility.

22.    GOJERUSALEM.COM reserves the right, at its exclusive discretion, to prevent at any time use of the Website, or part thereof, by any surfer due to his inappropriate use thereof, including use that is illegal and/or that interferes with use by others and/or the publication and dissemination of content that is harmful and/or offensive and/or immoral and/or illegal, and/or due to use that is inconsistent with these Terms of Use. At the same time, GOJERUSALEM.COM reserves the right to remove from its Website at any time any content and/or service which, at its exclusive discretion, it decides to remove.

23.  GOJERUSALEM.COM shall not bear any liability for interruptions, faults, response times, viruses or any other factor that may interfere with or harm services on the Website and/or cause any damage.

24.   GOJERUSALEM.COM shall not there any liability for loss of information and/or damage resulting to the computer system and/or infrastructure of a subscriber, and/or any other damage deriving from use of the GOJERUSALEM.COM Website, including that resulting from the download of information and/or software via the Website.

H.  Miscellaneous

25.   The law of Israel shall apply to the Terms of Use and/or any other matter connected with the Website and/or deriving there from, and the authorized court in Israel in the city of Jerusalem shall have exclusive legal jurisdiction,

26.  Chapter headings contained herein are for convenience only, and they shall not be seen as binding nor shall they be referred to for the purposes of interpretation.

27.    The Terms of Use, which as aforesaid constitute an agreement between GOJERUSALEM.COM and the surfer, exhaustively cover all agreements between the parties and they replace any representation and/or undertaking and/or agreement previously given, verbally and/or in writing, by any of the parties.  No waiver, discount, abstention or delay by GOJERUSALEM.COM in the exercise of its rights under this agreement shall be interpreted as a waiver or abstention.

28.  GOJERUSALEM.COM shall be permitted to send notices to the surfer or subscriber in one of the following ways:

28.1  By posting a notice in the general information window on the Website, including via an information window, which can only be accessed via a link.

28.2  Via e-mail to the address provided by the subscriber.

29.   Notice that was sent to a surfer or subscriber via e-mail shall be deemed to have been received on the business day following the date on which it was sent.  A message posted on the Website shall be deemed to have been received on the date the surfer or subscriber entered the Website or made any use of the Website ג€“ whichever is earlier - following posting of the notice.

30.   Any surfer or subscriber may forward information to GOJERUSALEM.COM via the following contact us form or to the following postal address, POB 4631, Jerusalem 91046.
Declaration of Privacy
This declaration is an integral part of the Website Terms of Use, as they appear heretofore.

1.  In establishing and operating the Website, considerations relating to the privacy and security of surfers have been equally taken into account along with the content and services supplied by the Website. The Website has a policy of honoring and protecting the privacy of surfers, and accordingly GOJERUSALEM.COM shall refrain from forwarding personal details collected with respect to subscribers and surfers, if and to the extent that these are collected. Notwithstanding this, upon the occurrence of one of the instances set out hereunder, GOJERUSALEM.COM may, but is not obligated to, provide the aforesaid details in part or in full:

1.1  In the event of a breach of the Terms of Use and/or carrying out and/or attempt to carry out a prima facie violation of the provisions of any law;

1.2  Pursuant to the provisions of any law that obligates GOJERUSALEM.COM to provide such information or part thereof to any third party;

1.3  In the event of a dispute, disagreement or any legal or quasi legal proceeding between the surfer or subscriber and GOJERUSALEM.COM;

1.4  In the event that GOJERUSALEM.COM believes that this may prevent serious harm to the surfer, his life, his health or property, and any damage as aforesaid to any third party;

1.5  When products and services are purchased on the Website from GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or from business partners of GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or from any third party - information necessary to complete the purchase procedure shall be forwarded to the said partners and/or third party as the case may be;

1.6  In the event that the activities of GOJERUSALEM.COM and/or the Website are transferred to another corporation, GOJERUSALEM.COM shall be permitted to provide all the information in its possession to the Corporation that shall operate the Website, provided that the Corporation accepts upon itself the provisions of privacy contained herein or any similar policy of privacy.
It is clarified that the above reservation of rights by GOJERUSALEM.COM shall not impose upon GOJERUSALEM.COM an obligation to report or provide information to any party, and no person shall have any claim or suit against GOJERUSALEM.COM flowing from the transfer or provision of information or the non transfer or non provision of the aforesaid information.

2.   IP addresses and cookies: The Website permanently collects details concerning the use thereof, such as - date, time, type of Web browser, type of operating system, IP addresses of visitors to the Website and address of the referring page. Subject to the Terms of Use and this declaration of privacy, these details are collected for internal purposes. This information is kept for various purposes, such as - system management, balancing the load on the Website server, issuing of statistical reports, and the locating of user details in exceptional circumstances as aforesaid. The IP addresses are not associated with personal identifying details on the GOJERUSALEM.COM servers. Most Web browsers allow cookies as a default. You have the option of reconfiguring your Web browser such that it will refuse to accept cookies or to configure it so that it will indicate when cookies are sent to your computer.  Please note: Some of the applications on the Website will not function properly on a computer that blocks cookies.

3.   GOJERUSALEM.COM works together with third parties who are responsible for some of the publications on the Website.  Cookies may periodically be sent to you from these publishers. GOJERUSALEM.COM has no control over such cookies. Sending of cookies by third parties is standard practice in the Internet industry.

Please note!
Various activities and services within the framework of the Website may include further specific terms of use. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, the further terms of use shall apply in addition to those contained in these Terms of Use.

Happy Surfing!

Michael Weiss, founder



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