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Discover the renaissance of cuisine in Jerusalem restaurants scene. From Japanese to Italian, burgers to fine dining, gourmet meals and tasty street fair, it's all here, in the GoJerusalem restaurants & bars section

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  • Nocturno - 16
    Nocturno Cafe

    Cafe, City Center
    7 Bezalel St. Designers in the City.

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  • BlueHallmusic - 7
    Blue Hall Music

    Private events, City Center
    Yoel Moshe Salomon 12, St..

  • Touro Restaurant - 5

    Price Range


  • Eucalyptus Restaurant - 7
    Eucalyptus Restaurant

    Chef, Old City
    14 Hativat Yerushalayim St. (Artist Colony of Hutzot Hayotzer).

    Price Range


  • Colony Events House - 1

    Price Range


  • Hatzot Restaurant Jerusalem - 6

    Price Range


  • Jacko's Street - 5

    Price Range


  • Darna Restaurant - 5

    Price Range


  • Tzipora Express Restaurant - 9
    Tzipora Express Restaurant

    Steak, City Entrance
    Cinema City, 10 Yitzchak Rabin St..

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  • Modern Restaurant - 5

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Jerusalem Restaurants: what and where to eat in Jerusalem
In recent years, the capital of Israel has become a culinary superpower, attracting people to the Holy City from Tel Aviv and from around the world. Top French restaurants, sushi bars, Middle Eastern fusion chef experiments, Italian eateries, steak restaurants and espresso bars pepper Jerusalem’s dining scene, while the short-order counters and street food on offer is likewise varied and enticing. Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, the City Center, the Old City and the German Colony are the four neighborhoods where the widest array of top-draw Jerusalem restaurants can be found. We at do our best to keep our listings accurate, but Jerusalem’s vibrant dining scene can sometimes move faster than we can. While many are, not all restaurants in Jerusalem are kosher, so it’s always best to check a restaurant’s certification before visiting.

Machane Yehuda Restaurants: Over the past few years, a renaissance of sorts has taken place in Jerusalem’s open-air market Machane Yehuda, known by locals as “the shuk.” The combination of visionary private investment, municipal renovations and excellent leadership from the market’s internal management has transformed the shuk into one of the worlds most innovative markets, where vegetable stalls and fish mongers sit alongside fashion boutiques and gourmet cafes and restaurants with the freshest ingredients. What was once home to just small and dingy, yet popular and delicious, ethnic restaurants now hosts some of the city’s trendiest dining institutions.
City Center Restaurants: Around Shlomtzion Hamalka Street, towards the Mamilla area, you’ll find the largest concentration of restaurants in the city. The selection here is huge, from upscale traditional French cuisine, classy kosher fare, casual atmosphere and expansive wine list, upscale hamburgers with a large selection of toppings. Among the dozens of Jerusalem restaurants in this district, you are more than likely to find something to suit your taste.

Old City Restaurants: Hummus, hummus, hummus. Sure, there are several other options for restaurants in the Old City, but they tend to cater to large groups of tourists and lack a certain authenticity. A visit to Jerusalem would not complete without tasting hummus, one of the region’s signature dishes. Just make sure you go early, because once they run out of hummus they close for the day. After your hummus feast, make your way to Jaffar’s Sweets for a slice of kanafe, a sweet and savory dessert of shredded phyllo and goat cheese.

German Colony Restaurants: Jerusalem’s German Colony has long been a major center of recreation in the city. Emek Refaim, the area’s main street, is lined with cafes, pizzerias and casual restaurants and serves as a primary nexus for kosher restaurants in Jerusalem. People watching is a popular activity in the German Colony, and the best place to indulge is in any number of the neighborhood cafes.



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