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Hatagine Restaurant

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Anybody who's eaten at an authentic Moroccan restaurant, whether in Israel, America or elsewhere, is probably familiar with the tagine, although they may not know it by name. Tagine refers to three things: the two-part earthenware Moroccan cooking pot composed of a shallow basin and a conical lid; the dishes cooked in it, slowly braised over the course of (usually) several hours; and a restaurant, Hatagine, in Jerusalem's Talpiot neighborhood.


Hatagine is a large and family-friendly Moroccan restaurant specializing in the dishes from its namesake cooking pot, as well as other recipes both Moroccan and more generally Middle Eastern. Diners will be greeted with a selection of mezze to eat with pita while they decide what to order. The menu offers soup, including the justly famed Moroccan charira (a tomato-lentil-chickpea soup with lemon), hummus, meat-stuffed Moroccan cigars, several tagine dishes (including beef, chicken and fish), couscous in both meat and vegetarian varieties and much more. Relax after you finish your meal with sweet Moroccan mint tea and cookies.

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