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The Palmach, an acronym for plugot machatz (which somewhat awkwardly translates to "crack companies," perhaps better rendered as "strike forces"), was the semi-underground main fighting force of the Hagana in the pre-state era, forming the backbone of what would become the IDF in 1948. More than a merely a paramilitary group, the widely-idolized Palmach was the incubator for a generation of Israeli military and political leaders, the darling of Israel's Ashkenazi Labor Zionist elite.


So naturally, the street in Jerusalem named after the Palmach has historically attracted an Israeli old guard sort of crowd, and their home cafe is Duvshanit. Duvshanit is unapologetically old-fashioned, from its regular white-hair crowd discussing how everything used to be better to its walls coated with old black and white pictures and memorabilia from famous visitors to its no-frills décor. In addition to coffee and tea, Duvshanit houses an on-site bakery, and offers a light kosher dairy menu.

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