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National Library of Israel

Welcome to National Library of Israel

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About the Library and Visitor Center


The National Library building and surrounding landscaping lies in the heart of the historic Givat Ram campus. The home of the library is an architectural jewel, one of the masterpieces and prime examples of Israeli modernism. Visitors to the building may appreciate the stained glass windows created by Mordechai Ardon, one of the most important artists, featuring imagery and symbolism, from the Bible to Jewish Kabbalah. The Ardon windows are a veritable gem and attract large numbers of visitors who wonder at their impressive size and beauty.


In the National Library, which has been active for over 120 years, about 5 million items are stored and catalogued, including books from all periods, ancient manuscripts, a unique collection of antique maps, periodicals, posters, photographs, rare collections and a very large and important collection of Jewish and Israeli music. The Library, one of the oldest and most important national institutions, is curator of the national memory of the Jewish people and the State of Israel, alongside a rich Islamic Library and valuable treasures of spiritual knowledge from around the world and the Middle East region. The library is open to all, and is a magnet not only for researchers but as a source of knowledge and experience. Every person from all age groups can find something of interest, whether seeking personal, individual material or in search of creating new fields of knowledge. 


We welcome you to a tour of the library in which you will be exposed to some of its treasures. The tour is led by trained instructors from the library staff. Each of our guides works in a department of the library and brings personal knowledge alongside fascinating stories about the artifacts to be seen, making your library experience informative, interesting and worthwhile. After the tour, visitors are invited to return and visit the library web site allowing online access to a large selection of the materials.


The library also holds various cultural events: lectures, symposiums, concerts, exhibitions, performances and educational programs for children. We invite the public to join our mailing list, follow us after the visit and receive periodic updates about various events.



  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wifi
  • Paid Parking
  • Cafeteria
  • Kids friendly
  • Free entry

This week at National Library of Israel


Hidden Treasures in the National Library
The Visitor Center offers guided tours by advance reservation for visitors in groups.
During the tour, you will learn about the history of the library and the renewal project; you will see all kinds of artifacts: posters, letters, antique maps and more. You will visit the reading rooms and see the famous stained glass windows created by Mordechai Ardon. 
Tours can be booked for a fee with special emphasis on specific subjects, such as music collections, the Gershom Scholem Collection, the collection on Judaism or the Ardon windows.
Target audience: Adults, children and youth
Length of tour: one hour
Number of participants: 15 to 50 people
Days open: Sunday-Friday
A fee is charged for private reserved group tours.
A guided tour is offered to the general public free of charge once a week. Advance registration is required. The tour depends on a minimum number of participants.

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