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If you've ever been Jerusalem before, you know that the Machane Yehuda Market (a.k.a. "the shuk") is a mandatory destination for tourists and residents alike. But have you ever experienced the market through the eyes of a professional chef? Polly, a veteran Jerusalemite chef, will lead you on an unforgettable insider tour of the shuk, showing you the market as you've never seen it before.


The personal stories of the vendors behind the stands, the irresistible scents and flavors that blend together in the cultural and ethnic melting pot that is "the shuk," all come alive through Polly's sense of humor and his insatiable love for food and people.


Throughout the tour, you'll visit Machne Yehuda's finest restaurants, shops and stands - tastings included, of course. The tours are coordinated with the stand and shop owners, providing for a seemless, thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Polly will introduce you to new and old characters from the Machane Yehuda scene, and share enchanting stories that reveal the intricate texture of human life, a life that blends perfectly with the mesmerizing foods and scents of Machne Yehuda.


The duration of the tours is about two and a half hours, and are suited for couples, small groups of up to 9 participants, or larger groups of over 10 participants.


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