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Haas Promenade

Haas Promenade

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The rabbis of the Talmud claim that "ten measures of beauty descended to the world; nine were taken by Jerusalem and one by the rest of the world." An impressive boast, to be sure, especially by people who had most likely not seen much of the rest of the world – but to stand on Talpiot's Haas Promenade (Tayelet Haas) and see the Holy City spread out before you, caressed by the soft light of the Judean sunset, white stone glowing with subtle flame, would incline you to agree.


According to Jewish legend, it was from the location of today's promenade that God showed Abraham where one day his descendants would build their holy city, but the old nomad even in his wildest visions could not have foreseen the view that greets travelers today. At the center, appropriately enough, is the Old City, Dome of the Rock glinting in the sun. Beyond stretches the expanse of modern Jerusalem, a forest of white buildings and red cranes with the hills of Judea looming behind. Immediately below are several of the scattered Arab villages around the outskirts of Jerusalem, and dense groves of the Jerusalem pines that Naomi Shemer immortalized in "Jerusalem of Gold." A must-see site for any first-time visitor to the city.


Segway Tour in Jerusalem:


Experience the majesty of Jerusalem's stunning forest on a Segway ride through the heart of the city.




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  • Kids friendly
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