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Gerard Bechar Center

Gerard Bechar Center

Seussical the Musical at 12.01.2014

Gerard Bechar Center EVENTS - 4


Sunday jan 12th

Seussical the Musical


Performed by Israel Musicals.


For more information and tickets call 077-450-6012


Show dates and times:

Sunday, January 12 at 20:00

Monday, January 13 at 18:00

Wednesday, January 22 at 20:00

Thursday, January 23 at 18:00

February 9 at 18:00

February 10 at 20:00



Seussical, the Broadway show, is a Dr. Seuss Fantasy in Song and Dance.

Take the whole family on a song-and-dance journey to the fantastic world of Dr. Seuss in Seussical!, the hit Broadway musical. Learn about Horton, the incredible elephant who has to save an entire world, and hatch an egg to boot! In our contemporary world, where kids are increasingly exposed to sometimes harmful messages, Seussical is special. This is a show filled with important values and life lessons, such as:

The courage to be true to your values

Standing up to bullies

The importance of making a commitment

Doing what's right, even though others may laugh at you

Kindness and caring for those weaker than you

Being happy with the gifts that you have, and not needing to be someone else

Believing in your ability to save, or change, the world


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