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Bloomfield Science Museum - B - 1

Bloomfield Science Museum

Illusions: Mind Boggling! at 31.12.2014

Bloomfield Science Museum EVENTS - 4


Until 31.12.2014

"Illusions" is one of a series of exhibitions on the brain at the Bloomfield Science Museum.


The exhibition presents four categories of illusions:


1. The Sensitive Brain - Change and contrast illusions

2. The Interpretive Brain - Illusions that depend on prior knowledge

3. The Selective Brain - Ambiguous illusions

4. The Expert Brain - Illusions of face and motion expertise.


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Open Hours

Adults: 45 NIS

Children 5 and older: 45 NIS

Children under 5: Free

Adults with "Yerushalmi" card: 36 NIS

Children with "Yerushalmi" card: 36 NIS

Families (parents and children under 18): 160 NIS

Soldiers, police, disabled persons, students: 37 NIS

Senior citizens: NIS 22.5


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