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Bloomfield Science Museum - B - 1

Bloomfield Science Museum

February 2014 at the Bloomfield Science Museum at 28.02.2014

Bloomfield Science Museum EVENTS - 7


Until 28.02.2014

February 2014 at the Bloomfield Science Museum


Take a fresh look at all the Bloomfield Science Museum has to offer this February, including the new and impressive Bioscapes exhibit, entertaining scientific demonstrations, tours, building workshops, and Dr. Molecule's new show in the auditorium exploring the mysterious nature of the air.





*Last chance to view Bioscapes. Guided tours of the exhibit for adults are offered on weekends. The exhibit will be on display until February 28, 2014.


Image: Igor Sivnovich, 3rd prize in the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition 2012.



*Games in Light and Shadow


*Other exhibits in the museum include Levers, Luna Park Science, Electricity, Captcha, and more.



Tours: Tours of the various exhibits and displays in the museum are offered throughout the week, led by professional museum tour guides. In addition, the museum offers a tour for grown-ups on weekends of the Captcha exhibit. 



Scientific demonstration: "Scientific Gems": a spectacular, entertaining, colorful and surprising demonstration. The demonstration is participatory and will allow visitors to sit on a Fakir-style chair of needles, to freeze balloons, to blow huge soap bubbles, and go wild with primary colors in a range of 

surprising experiments.



Building workshop: Chinese Disc: circus artists and jugglers who use Chinese discs tend to spin them on sticks attached to the center to bring them to full balance, sometimes juggling up to 10-12 discs in each hand. The disc spinning is a 2000 year old tradition in the Chinese circus. Visitors to the building workshop will make and bring home a small Chinese disc to practice with and learn from.



Science Theater: Dr Molecule's new show explores the nature of air and flying/hovering. Dr. Molecule has disappeared and his assistant Centrifugal Waves is left alone in the lab. The Dr. has left Waves with a difficult task: to research the mysterious properties of air - something we can't see, hear, or feel, but is always surrounding us. Together with the children, Waves does wonderful experiments, making missiles fly, objects hover, and more. Saturdays at 13:00, entrance fee: 20 NIS.



Museum opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 10:00-18:00, Friday: 10:00-14:00, Saturday: 10:00-15:00

Open Hours

Adults: 45 NIS

Children 5 and older: 45 NIS

Children under 5: Free

Adults with "Yerushalmi" card: 36 NIS

Children with "Yerushalmi" card: 36 NIS

Families (parents and children under 18): 160 NIS

Soldiers, police, disabled persons, students: 37 NIS

Senior citizens: NIS 22.5


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