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Dublin Irish Pub

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Welcome to Dublin, the cavernous center of Jerusalem's new everything-Irish bar scene, where the Irish capital city's love of drinking meets Israel's love of enormous, dimly-lit, loud-music pumping theme bars. If the battle between Israeli and Irish culture is fought on the dance floor of Dublin, then Israel is winning.


So don't go into Dublin looking for a friendly neighborhood environment, a pint of stout, shepherd's pie and some of that freewheeling Celtic music you'll pretend to like for a night. Go looking for a warehouse-sized bar filled with dancing Israeli 20-somethings, nightly DJs focusing on Israeli music, trance, Europop and whatever the kids like to drink to these days – and, in a nod to its namesake, Irish beer on tap.


If you like the Israeli club/bar aesthetic but would rather sip on a Guinness and an Irish whiskey than a Goldstar and arak, by all means, head to Dublin. But if you're searching for a more authentic Irish pub vibe, O'Connell's isn't too far away.


Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, Shabbat 17:00; Friday 17:00 to 5:00

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