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Abu Shukri Lebanese Restaurant

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The Abu Shukri clan is one of the most prominent among the Arab population of Israel, and the name pops up all over the country – especially when it comes to restaurants. The Arab village of Abu Ghosh is home to two dueling Abu Shukri hummus restaurants (the result of a family feud), the Old City's most famous and venerable hummus restaurant carries the Abu Shukri name, and the village of Ein Kerem, which was populated mostly by Arabs until the 1948 War of Independence, is home to the Abu Shukri Lebanese Restaurant.


Like its fellow Abu Shukris, the restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine, although the menu encompasses more than just hummus (but it has that too, with your choice of chickpeas, fuul or pine nut topping), with multiple local meat specialties, including Palestinian-style chicken on a bed of rice, stuffed vegetables, all the Arab salads you could want (techina, tabouleh, moussaka) and more.

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