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The Original Abu Shukri Restaurant

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It's somehow fitting that Israel's closest analogue to the Hatfields and McCoys feud isn't a conflict over land or property, but rather over hummus. Abu Ghosh, an Arab village outside of Jerusalem nestled among the Judean Hills, may seem peaceful, but it's home to Israel's most bitter chickpea-related vendetta.

Like most vendettas, it's a family affair: The prominent Abu Shukri clan established a hummus restaurant, which produced what is widely regarded as the best hummus in Israel, but relationships between two cousins, or two brothers (accounts vary) within the clan led to one of the men splitting off to form his own hummus restaurant – directly across the road from the first. To make matters more confusing, or at least more hilarious, both restaurants prominently bill themselves as the Original Abu Shukri, and employ enthusiastic young village boys to urge people inside.

The upshot for the consumer is that, since the restaurants are identical, you can choose whichever one is less crowded. The hummus, served swimming in olive oil with your choice of warm chickpeas or fuul, is divine. Both Abu Shukris become extremely crowded with Israeli foodies on Saturdays.

  • Open on Saturday

Opening hours

Every day, 8:00 until 18:00

The Original Abu Shukri Restaurant Map

15 Derech Hashalom St

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