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Y coffeebar

Y קפה

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Delicately tucked into what was once a Nachlaot barbershop is "Y."  With what locals and regulars claim as arguably the best coffee in Jerusalem, if not Israel and possibly the entire Middle East, this small yet comfortable hideout is a stop that everyone makes while walking down Nisim Bahar St. (Jerusalem's Ludlow). 

Coffee is served with artistic precision and design (literally, as hot foaming milk is deliberately poured into pictures and styles in accordance with the inspiration of the pourer). Drinkers can be seen admiring the picturesque beauty within their cup before consuming it. 

Caffeine aside, Y also offers a sandwich and salad menu (all dairy and kosher, of course). The trademark "Sandwich Y" is a triple-decker that will satisfy even the hungriest of meat eaters. But the thing that makes this little place unique is that it's "shchunati" – part of the neighborhood; and you’re not part of it until you know Yehuda (hence the "Y"). 

Everyone knows everyone and new faces are always welcomed with a smile. You’ll find righties and lefties, students and professionals, artists and locals and people just floating through (this is Nachlaot). Y is great for a beer on Friday afternoon in the summer or a hot chocolate on that rainy winter evening.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 7:00 to midnight; Friday 7:00 to the afternoon; Saturday motzaei Shabbat to midnight

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