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Hillel Street in downtown Jerusalem, for reasons as yet unknown, is the nexus of the new Israeli coffee craze, the source from which sprang forth the rivers of cappuccino and macchiato that have revolutionized coffee culture in Israel, transforming it from a land where the coffee crystal is king to a land where the espresso machine is a hot commodity. Both Aroma Espresso Bar and Cafe Hillel (fittingly enough) built their first locations on Hillel Street, where they continue to thrive.


Cafe Hillel, done up in appealingly modernistic shades of red and black with cozy dark wood tables, strikes a balance between the coffee assembly line of Aroma and the more relaxed full table service of other big Jerusalem competitor Coffee Shop. Ordering takes place at the counter, at which point you can retire to a table and a waitress will bring you your order. In addition to a full range of coffee, tea, shakes and cocoas, Hillel serves a a wide array of soups, sandwiches and salads, all of which come attractively presented with fresh bread.

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