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Chain of Generations Center

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Deep in ancient tunnels by the Western Wall, a dazzling art exhibit is brought to life. The Chain of Generations Center is a museum that fuses contemporary glasswork art with thousands of years of Jewish history. Crafted by the internationally acclaimed glass artist Jeremy Langford, the exhibit uses nearly 150 tons of shining glass to tell the story of a nation.


After the intensely spiritual experience of the Western Wall, retreating to a series of dim-lit, air-conditioned tunnels with fabulous art may offer some respite. Each ancient chamber of the Chain of Generations Center has been transformed into shimmering homage to Jewish culture throughout the ages. Immense glass pillars carved with Hebrew lettering and filled with light contrast with the weathered stones. The site of the museum itself is an archaeological treasure trove, containing clues to the history of Jerusalem as far back as 3,000 years. Yet Langford's intensely contemporary art does not feel out of place in these chambers; the effect is one of timeless spirituality. The light-filled Hebrew letters from Chronicles and other sources are of awe-inspiring beauty, as if filled with pale fire.

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Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday 8:00 to 18:00

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