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Bible Lands Museum

The Glorious Martyr at 31.12.2019

Until 31.12.2019

Bible Lands Museum: The Glorious Martyr


Who is “The Glorious Martyr”? the uncovered remains are fascinating. The new exhibition is the result of a cooperation between the Antiques Authority and the Bible Lands Museum, displaying findings which shed a kight on the importance of the Glorious Martyr Church as a significant pilgrimage site of the Byzantine period.


Open Hours

Adult - 44 NIS


Child (under 18) - 22 NIS


Student / Oleh Chadash - 22 NIS


Soldier* (compulsory service) - FREE


*Israeli Senior Citizen - 22 NIS


Foreign Resident Senior Citizen (upon presentation of documentation) -  35 NIS


Disabled - 22 NIS


Child Under 5 - FREE


*Jerusalem Resident Card Holder (Yerushalmi Card)  -  32 NIS


Re-entry when visiting again within a month of the first visit  Upon presentation of original, full-priced entrance ticket FREE


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