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The opposite of alive at 01.01.2017

Until 01.01.2017

Hazira- Performance art arena presents:


The opposite of alive

An unlive performance in Jerusalem’s Nature Museum


“So we’ll meet at night, in the dark. I will open the gate of the wall which surrounds the museum and invite you in. Don’t be scared, I will give you a flashlight so that you will see the way and I won’t leave you for a moment. Only I won’t really be there, you will be all alone.”


“The Opposite of Alive” invites you to a nocturnal, personal experience in the time-frozen landscapes of Jerusalem’s Nature Museum.  Accompanied by a flashlight and the voice of a guide you will examine the boundaries between life and death, between existing and disappearing, between the cheetah and ourselves. To learn something about nature. Their nature, ours, your own. 


“It is an incredible moment, of a kind I have never experienced in the world of traditional theatre. These types of experiences are the reason experimental frameworks such as HaZira Performance Arts Arena are important”  Shay Bar Yaacov, Yedioth Ahronot


"The Opposite of Alive at the Nature Museum is not only an incredible psychedelic experience, but also a work of sound rarely seen in our parts. You will not regret it”  Raash Hour Radio.



The event takes place every other Thursday at Jerusalem’s Nature Museum, entry from lower gate opposite 5 Ha'magid st., starting at 8pm and running till 12pm. 

Tickets must be reserved in advance!

Guests enter in five minute intervals.

English version Available.


Created by: Michal Vaknin and Ilanit ben Ya’acov | Performance by: Alit Kreiz/ Ilanit ben Ya’acov/  Michal Vaknin | Sound Design:  Binya Reches | Lighting Design: Shavit Yaron | Site Design: Gal Grofit | On Site Producer: Neta Meisels | Artistic Consultant Dafna Kron


Ticket price: 60 nis


For tickets and details please contact Hazira- Performance art arena

Tel: 02-6783378 



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