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Israel has a long and distinguished history of theater, both traditional and alternative, with its roots going back to the establishment of the first Hebrew theater in Russia by Russian Hebraists and Zionists. That proud and creative theatrical tradition continues to this day in Jerusalem, which is home to to Hazira, the Jerusalem center for fringe performance art. It encompasses theater, video art, music, dance and workshops for all the above.


Hazira is an important artistic institution that is unique on the Israeli cultural landscape, and is at the heart of the local cultural discourse. Its activity encompasses all types of  arts, encouraging the work of young Jerusalemite artists at the beginning of their careers,  examining the meaning of performance and creation, and provides all types of assistance necessary. Hazira aspires to the highest of artistic quality in each of its endeavors, and works to promote art and interdisciplinary theater in Jerusalem and around the country. Hazira initiates and runs new productions in theater, dance, video arts, and multimedia.




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