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Bloomfield Science Museum

June 2014 at the Bloomfield Science Museum at 30.06.2014

Until 30.06.2014

June 5-6: Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire

Think with your hands at the Bloomfield Science Museum! The Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire is a once a year opportunity that will take place at the Bloomfield Science Museum on June 5-6, 2014 from 10:00-18:00 (on Friday until 17:00).


The fair is appropriate for anyone that likes “crazy” and cool stuff, likes to think with his or her hands, to build and take apart, create, design, and combine play with the properties of design and technology.


Dozens of inventors from Israel and around the world will display amazing inventions and offer interactive creative workshops for the whole family. 


The museum will host an experiential innovators fair in which innovators, inventors and designers will display their projects in various areas of life. The fair will include interactive building spaces, huge demonstrations, live music and art performances, and interactive encounters with the inventors.


The Young Builders: June 2014 at the Bloomfield Science Museum


The theme of the month of June at the Bloomfield Science Museum is building, with lots of activities for young and grown-ups, scientific demonstration and funny science theatre show by Dr. Molecule.



The Sand Bricks Box

For children aged 3 and up! Make bricks out of sand in the brick factory. This fascinating, challenging activity for parents and kids fosters imagination, creative thinking, and teamwork. For the first time in Israel, you can join a production line to make sand bricks.

Parents … no need to worry! There’s a clean-up stand where you can remove the sand before continuing with your Museum visit.


The Blue Bricks

A great hit with science museums overseas! Let your imagination run free in this spacious area. Work in teams to construct fantastic structures with huge blue sponge bricks. Due to the unusual size of the building blocks children can construct large buildings while learning the basic principles of engineering.


Scientific demonstration – Why don’t buildings fall?

From the first moment that prehistoric man emerged from his cave he began to build – huts to live in, bridges to span rivers, wells to channel spring water…  

In the course of time these structures became more elaborate, durable and sophisticated.  


Today we can build almost anything utilizing science and technology: skyscrapers; underground cities; structures of stone, steel, and glass; mighty dams; deep wells; projections on buildings; bridges capable of bearing thousands of tons, sometimes spanning tens of kilometers.


In nature too, we see fascinating structures based on these same scientific laws and principles.  


Several times each day a scientific demonstration will explain the principles of construction behind the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, arches, and more.


Construction workshop – sandals in the desert

Summer is approaching and we all take our shoes and boots off and 'free' our feet! Come and design your own insulated sandals with various materials and take them home as a souvenir! 


Science Theatre with Dr. Molecule – Momentous Hovering

In the auditorium Doctor Molecule will perform Momentous Hovering, his wacky presentation about air and hovering. Suddenly he disappears from his laboratory, leaving only his funny assistant, Gali Centrifugali, who has been told to study the mystery of air – it cannot be seen, heard, or touched, yet it is always around us! With the help of the children in the audience, Gali carries out her experiments. She launches missiles, makes objects float in the air, and has many more surprising things in store. 

(Saturdays: 13:00. Tickets NIS 20).


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