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Bloomfield Science Museum - B - 1

Bloomfield Science Museum

BioScapes at the Bloomfield Science Museum at 28.02.2014

Bloomfield Science Museum - 8


Until 28.02.2014

The Bloomfield Science Museum presents "BioScapes": a photography exhibit of prize winning photographs. The photographs, which were photographed with a light microscope and won the international Olympus prize in 2012, depict the greatness of wildlife and plants. In this exhibit, they are printed on black slides and lit up with back lighting. In addition to being beautiful, the photographs hold scientific significance and reflect the most updated developments in cell biology.

Open Hours

Adults: 45 NIS

Children 5 and older: 45 NIS

Children under 5: Free

Adults with "Yerushalmi" card: 36 NIS

Children with "Yerushalmi" card: 36 NIS

Families (parents and children under 18): 160 NIS

Soldiers, police, disabled persons, students: 37 NIS

Senior citizens: NIS 22.5


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