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Chef Restaurants in Jerusalem


Chef Restaurants

in Old City

Jerusalem's chef restaurants are not only some of the best in the city, but also the entire country. If you wish to be astounded by the depth and breadth of their knowledge, their attention to detail and their use of seasonal and locally grown produce you'll find it all here

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  • Eucalyptus Restaurant - 7
    Eucalyptus Restaurant

    Chef, Old City
    14 Hativat Yerushalayim St. (Artist Colony of Hutzot Hayotzer).

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Jerusalem Chef Restaurants
Chef Restaurants in Jerusalem have continued to open at a rapid rate over the last several years and are a reflection of growing Israeli confidence not in only in their own cuisine but their willingness to absorb styles and flavors as part of their inspiration. The Chef Restaurants are located to the north of the city in Ein Karem, the South near the German Colony, in the centre and very close to the Old City.

Seasonal and as much as possible locally sourced produce is highly prized in these restaurants - with the freshness and quality being apparent in every mouthful. This is especially true of Chef Moshe Basson, the Jerusalem native who is reponsible for the food at Eucalyptus - to the extent that he picks indigenous plants as inspirations for his recipes. Chef Restaurants are ideal locations for that very special occasion in contrast to a 'regular' restaurant; with the emphasis on allowing patrons to take their time, drink in the ambience (as well as the very fine wines available) and to savor the ambience of Jerusalem's premier dining locales.

Hachapuria and Fortuna, both located next to Mahane Yehuda are fortunate to be able to take their inspiration from the produce that surrounds them in the shuk - creating wonderful and mesmeric dishes from them.


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