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Tour of the Diamond Bourse

Tour of the Diamond Bourse - 1


  • Tour of the Diamond Bourse - 1

On this hands-on tour, you'll discover Israel's diamond district on this fascinating tour and have an opportunity to buy jewels at factory prices.

Our tour starts with a visit to the diamond museum. This new and attractive museum unveils the mysteries of the diamond and answers questions such as how is it formed ? What are the processing stages? Why are diamonds so expensive? Learn how to recognize the value of a diamond. Understand how the worlwide diamond trade has its own unique business rules that are rooted in its rich history.


The next station is a tour in a working diamond polishing factory. After learning the different polishing stages of the making of diamonds you'll acquire a deeper understanding of the diamond`s value. 


The vast collection of diamonds that will be shown will give you an idea of the fine nuances from all aspects. Aftwerwards, you'll have an opportunity to to see our showroom of diamonds and jewellery. For those intrested there is a possibility to purchase diamond jewelry at the polishing factory directly at factory prices. 


  • See the Diamond Museum


  • See diamonds being polished by expert polishers


  • Learn about Israel's diamonds industry


  • Hold a 3 carat diamond worth $10,000s



  • Entrance the Diamond museum.


  • Entrance to the diamond polishing factory.


  • Option to purchase diamond jewelry at the polishing factory directly at factory prices.


  • Diamonds are not included in the price of the tour



Up to 4 participants $55 per tour for all of them together
From 5 to 9 participants $11 per person 
From 10 to 19 participants $9.5 per person
From 20 and up $8.5 per person 


Entrance to the Diamond Bourse, 1 Jabotinsky Rd., Ramat Gan

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Departs Sunday - Thursday

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