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Barood Restaurant

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Restaurants like Barood fulfill the potential hinted at by Jerusalem's elegant stone construction, its physical location straddling Middle East and Mediterranean, and its half-Eastern, half-European cultural aesthetic. Located along with some of the other stars of the Jerusalem restaurant and bar scene in the inviting Feingold Courtyard between Jaffa Road and Rivlin Street, Barood beckons with warmly-lit Jerusalem stone, a creative pan-Mediterranean menu, an amply stocked bar with Guinness on tap and regular live music.


You'll find plenty of Israeli restaurant standbys along with options from more far afield, including plenty of fruits de mer, as well as authentic Greek fare such as pastilikos (a pastry made of meat and pine nuts) – and as an extra bonus, Barood makes its own olives (no more tired canned olives with your beer).


The music, described in Barood's own words as "music that doesn't hurt the ear" (which is an important distinction in a country where bars often have not yet discovered the volume knob), perfectly complements the food and décor, featuring musicians playing selections from the Balkans to Greece to Spain and all points in between.


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