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Jabotinski Bar

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Named with characteristically iconoclastic Israeli cheek after Zionist hero Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Jabotinsky is a welcome addition to the Ben Shetach nightlife district, skewing (along with its neighbors) older and hipper than the beer- and Midori-soaked teenage riot of nearby Rivlin Street. With rock on the soundsystem, plenty of beer on tap and classic Jerusalem stone decor, Jabotinsky stakes it claim to serious bar status with both the rare American-style daily happy hour (although it runs late by American standards, from 18:00 to 21:00), offering 1-for-1 beer on tap specials and discounts on chasers, and a full menu of greasily delicious pub grub, including one of the finest burgers in town, available for happily intoxicated consumption on the ample outdoor seating on the new Ben Shetach midrachov. This is also a bit of a traveler's hangout - New Jerusalem Tours' Independent Travelers' Center, replete with info and free wi-fi, is located within.

Opening hours

Sunday - Friday, 19:00 to 02:00; Saturday, 13:00 until last customer

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