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The Incubator Theater is a fringe theater based in Jerusalem, whose productions offer a contemporary satiric, humorous, Jewish and Israeli theater experience.


The theater was established in 2005 with support from "Keren Bracha" with the aim of providing a space for Jerusalem artists to create and stage their original theater productions. In the past eight years the theater has held over 900 original performances and plays, including a TV series on channel 10, and received the attention and accolades of public institutions such as the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism. Beit Mazia, located in the City Center, is the theater's current home base in Jerusalem.


The Incubator strives to be a significant cultural motivator in Jerusalem and an active player in developing the character of the city as a pluralistic one which accomodates a range of opinions and world views. The majority of the company's actors and actresses are graduates of the Nissim Nativ Acting Studio in Jerusalem.

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This week at The Incubator Theater

The Incubator Theater Repertoire:
This City – A Mystery Musical in Rap
The misadventures of Joe the detective, who gets involved in a mysterious murder investigation that almost gets him hanged – an homage in rap to film noir and the detective genre in general. 
A rap opera written entirely in rhyme, performed as one continuous song. 
Combines rap, hip hop and spoken word with theatrical and poetic texts
Inspired by black music, film noir, and detective films, the plot focuses on the character of Joe, a cynical and bitter detective working in a corrupt, decaying city.
One stormy night, a young woman named Sarah Bennett comes to Joe’s office and tells him about the mysterious disappearance of her sister. Joe decides to take the case, a decision that could cost him his life
Written and composed by Amit Ulman, Omer Havron, Omer Mor
Actors & Creators : Amit Ulman, Omer Havron, Omer Mor, Dorit Lilien, Roni Rocket
Directed by: Amit Ulman
Musical Arrangement: Omer Mor
(a Victor Jackson production)
The Bible Show
A musical, acrobatic cabaret in homage to the biggest bestseller of all times.  A selection of familiar stories from the Bible that have become the basis of Jewish, as well as Western culture are given original and unexpected adaptations. The Bible Show is a journey full of surprises, beginning with the creation story and ending in the exodus from Egypt.
Actors: Daniel Brosovni, Yinon Shazo, Yael Mafzir, Yitzhak Laor, Daniel Kishinovski,  Itamar Sharon.  
Ahalan! – One-off Musical Improvisation
An unpredictable, one-of-a-kind musical encounter between singers, musicians, rappers, and poets. These artists compose songs that will be played and heard only once, and none of the participants know how the evening will begin, or how it will end.
Izik Pazazti – drums and vocalist
Jimbo Jay – keyboard, vocalist and rapper
David Binyamini – bass
Pedro Grass – street singer, rapper and vocalist
Michal Lotan – vocalist, guitar and percussion
Natchi Natch – rapper and vocalist
The Matinee Show
An homage to cinematic art and the Hollywood film industry that combines parody and acrobatics. The play presents four “films,” in reality, adaptations of well-known cinematic genres. Using parody and a critical approach, the original and humorous performance carries on a dialogue with the half-myth, half-cliché aspects of these films. 
Actors: Daniel Brosovni, Yinon Shazo, Yael Mafzir, Yitzhak Laor, Daniel Kishinovski 
“Parah Shchuta” (the slaughtered cow)
A “kosher slaughtering” of sacred cows in Jewish-Israeli culture. Do we serve in the army or does it make us who we are? Do teenagers go to Poland for the experience or just to go to the Duty Free shop? What is so special about the Jewish day of rest? Biting, sometimes stinging satire.    
Actors: Inbal Lurie, Yair Lehman, Eli Haviv, and guests.
Children’s Plays 
A magical performance with three actors. Using unique theatrical language and ordinary household objects, they present television nostalgia, episodes from some of Israel’s best-loved TV series for children. 
“Cartoons” is a play without words for the entire family that speaks to the child within every one of us.
Actors: Yinon Shazo, Yitzhak Laor 
I’m a Sandwich
The story of a girl, the middle (sandwich) child in her family. One day, she and her two brothers find themselves alone at home without their parents. A series of unexpected events takes place that surprise the children and force them to learn to get along. A dynamic and very human comedy that portrays our own stories, whether we are the eldest, the “sandwich,” or the youngest. 
Actors: Rotem Blotnick, Michel Narkis, Daniel Brosovni
Animal Proverbs
Proverbs about animals that have been turned into a play. Based on the stories of Chaim Nahman Bialik, the play incorporates acrobatics, pantomime, storytelling, and mainly a lot of laughter. The production is a theatrical rendition of three proverbs: “The Hoopoe and the Golden Fringes,” “Solomon and the Bee,” and “The Chain of Life.”
Actors: Daniel Brosovni, Odelia Wahav, Ariel Keren, Idan Shirazi
Yinon and Yitzhak make everyone laugh!
Children love to laugh and we like to make them laugh. This 50-minute performance is packed with the energy of word games and riddles, “deadpan” jokes, slapstick, songs, and improvisations – jokes that have been around for ages, and jokes that the actors make up on the spot.
Actors: Yinon Shazo, Yitzhak Laor 
The Prince Who Thought He Was a Rooster
Based on the story by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, “The Tale of the Turkey,” the play is about a prince who thinks he is a rooster, and about his father the king, who searches for a cure for his son.
Actors: Yoseph Alblak, Yitzhak Laor
 A Tale of Brothers
Based on the story by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, “A Tale from Platin,” this is a play for the entire family that incorporates actors and puppets. 
Max and Fred Zubizarta are artists and brothers, 
Who wander from street to street. 
They are different as different can be,  
But trouble they always meet.  
Now they stand before the king, waiting for their sentencing.
But instead of punishing them, he gives them a task:
“The one who writes the prefect play, I will set free,” says he.
One brother dances in glee, 
The other thinks and plans… 
Which one will gain his liberty?
Actors: Yitzhak Laor, Ram Mizrahi, Idan Shirazi

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