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Shaarei Chesed Tour

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This half day private tour delves into the fascinating world of Orthodox life in Jerusalem. The tour takes place in the Shaarei Chesed neighborhood, a 100 year old pastoral neighborhood not far from the Old City. 


A local guide will accompany you on a tour around the neighborhood, exploring the history of the area. Your private guide will explain the way of life, tiny simple dwellings, the pumped water wells, the communal oven for preparing Sabbath meals, the wedding festivities, and the family atmosphere of local traditional residents. You will then visit the historical landmarks that remain today. Here you will see where history and the modern world collide by visiting sites which remain in full working order. These sites include the water cisterns, the sundial and study halls. There will also be the opportunity to visit one of the local synagogues which will be filled with the sounds of prayers and songs. Finally you will visit the home of a Haredi family. This will be your opportunity to meet and ask questions to a member of the ultra orthodox community and gain a bit of insight into their life-style. You will be enchanted by the contrast of the traditional homes against the backdrop of newer buildings. Your guide will also share traditional songs and stories. 


This is a special tour of a special neighborhood with a charming atmosphere and manages to blend their history with modern day living. If you have questions on the orthodox way of life, this is the place to ask them, explore them and see the answers come to life. An optional adition to the day is a tour with an actor who relates his childhood tales of growing up in the special atmosphere of the neighborhood. 



  • Three hours with a private tour guide 


Not included:

  • Tips for guide
  • Charitable donations


Jaffa St, by the Machane Yehuda Shuk

Additional information

Added extra – take the tour with an actor who relates his childhood tales of growing up in the special atmosphere of the neighborhood.

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