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Café de Paris

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One can find a large spacious central hall, frontal balcony overlooking Rehavia neighborhood and the famous Paris Square, as well as an impressive long knights table (up to 12 guests), smoking room which can be turned in to a closed area serving privet functions. "Café de Paris" has a large central space with various seating areas, sofas, upholstered benches and arm chairs; modern bar that attracts students from the neighborhood in the evening and a special tapas menu. A unique rich dairy menu offers variety of dishes, vision by the Chef Marcus Gershkovich, available day and night, for any meal or catering you're wishing. 


The large variety of breakfast, fashioned by unique taste and character, is served during all day and night hours. Fish, pasta and a large variety of new and original sandwiches. Our older sister's Patisserie, the "Grand Café" provides us wide range of cakes, desserts, petit fours, cookies and jams of supreme quality. One can purchase French baguettes, a selection of wines and Halot for Sabbath in "Café de Paris". In addition to all these fantastic offers one finds at "Café de Paris", TA menu with option to order food for events as well as exclusive catering department. 


"Café de Paris" is located at the intersection of Ben Maimon Boulevard and Gaza St, Close to the Prime Minister's residence and the famous Paris Square.

  • Private Room
  • Kosher

Opening hours

Sunday-Thursday: 7:30-0:00

Friday: 7:30 until Shabbat starts

Saturday night: from when Shabbat ends until 1:00 


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