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Café de Paris recently opened in the heart of Jerusalem's Rehaviah neighborhood, boasting a refreshingly different kosher dairy menu designed by chef Marcus Gershkowitz. The café restaurant and bar has a European look and feel to it, featuring three separate spaces. The roomy indoor main space is outfitted with several colorful and different seating options, couches, and a large bar open late into the night with a special tapas menu. For special events, there is a stately long table that accommodates up to 21 guests. The open air, Parisian-style terrace looks out onto the neighborhood while a closed off side room accommodates smokers and alternatively, private events.


The menu offers a variety of dishes for all hours of the day and night, including fish, pasta, salads and sandwiches, with a wide variety of breakfast options served at all hours. Fresh baked goods including yeast cakes, cakes and desserts, jams, and cookies are supplied by Café de Paris' sister restaurant in Baka, Grand Café. Café de Paris conveniently offers take-out, private events hosting and catering, and a Friday market with French baguettes, wines, and challah for sale. The restaurant is located at the top of Ben Maimon Street where it meets Azza Street, across from the Prime Minister's residence and across from Paris Square.

  • Private Room
  • Kosher

Opening hours

Sunday-Thursday: 7:30-0:00

Friday: 7:30 until Shabbat starts

Saturday night: from when Shabbat ends until 1:00 

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