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Sima Restaurant

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An unpretentious bastion of Israeli workingman's food in solidly blue-collar Machane Yehuda, Sima has been serving up traditional Middle Eastern meat fare "just like mom's" since 1969. A recent renovation hasn't changed the character of the restaurant at all, and it continues to attract a diverse crowd of local residents, workers, tourists willing to venture outside of downtown, immigrants and the occasional Knesset member looking to rub shoulders with The People over kubeh soup and me'urav yerushalmi.

The me'urav, by the way, is Sima's signature dish, a mixture of chicken hearts, lungs and various other mysterious bits and pieces of chicken served up with a side of French fries. Sima is meat lover's country, with steak, chicken breast, kubeh (meat dumplings – sometimes fried, sometimes boiled in a soup), kebab, goose liver, chicken hearts, entrecote and other mainstays in the diet of carnivorous Israelis. Vegetarians can find their place, too, with a variety of soups and, of course, hummus and techina.

  • Kosher

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 to 1:00; Friday 11:00 to the late afternoon; Saturday, one hour after sundown to 1:00

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