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Machneyuda Restaurant

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The first rule about Machaneyuda is that you don't talk about Machaneyuda. Well, that's not true, but the hottest restaurant in Jerusalem right now is a place without a sign, in a neighborhood just traditional enough to be cool for the ironic-hipster scene - Machane Yehuda. Unlike most of the other eateries around the shuk, Machaneyuda (an amalgamation of the market's names, a popular Brangelina-like device in Hebrew slang) is a more upscale (three) chef restaurant, which has a new menu tailor-made for nearly every day.


A recent day featured an eclectic mix of offerings, including gazpacho, a polenta ragout, Amberjack tartar with a wasabi vinaigrette, proscuitto, calamari, ox tail with Jerusalem artichoke, something called crocodile mandel, a dose of history of the day and an arak cocktail, perhaps a throwback to the neighborhood's simpler roots.

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