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Almora Restaurant

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Young Israelis' penchant for spending a year (or two, or three, or more) wandering the Far East after they complete their mandatory military service has finally begun to pay off for the people back home: Gastronomically inclined Israelis in India pick up the skills required to make authentic Indian cuisine and come back to Israel to open restaurants.


This is the story of Almora, an Indian restaurant a short distance outside Jerusalem on Moshav Even Sapir. The owner somewhat oddly named the restaurant after the Almora district in northern India, although the menu's focus is on southern Indian fare. The Judean Hills are Israel's closest analogue of the Himalayan foothills of Almora, about which Gandhi rhapsodized, and thus offer the perfect (and most scenic) setting. Anyone who's dined in an Indian restaurant won't find much surprising: authentic vegetarian chickpea, potato and lentil-based dips (tali), Indian-style meats (tikka masala) and several non-Indian offerings suited for the standard Israeli palate, as well as the standard appetizers (samosas and more).


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