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Kedma Restaurant

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Kedma, Alrov Mamilla Avenue's first meat kosher restaurant, bills itself as a kosher brasserie, but there's a lot more going on in the kitchen than entrecote cooked a point with a side of frites (though that's certainly available); call Kedma's bill of fare cosmopolitan kosher comfort food, and you'll be approaching the right idea.


The globetrotting menu features dishes from West Africa to Western Europe, encompassing kosher meat classics from aged in-house entrecote steak to spätzle-and-beef stew, chicken on couscous to balsamic-jacked beef carpaccio, lamb-stuffed Druze pita to teriyaki Cornish game hen. House-made corned beef is sliced before diners' eyes at a bar at the front of the restaurant. Glamorous desserts include halva mousse, nut pie and hot chocolate cake. Portions are generous, and prices reasonable.


Location also factors in; Kedma boasts a nicely appointed interior, but the real attraction is the building itself, a venerable 110 year old number. The restaurant's windows and wide balcony offer stunning views of revitalized Mamilla, the Old City's walls, the Jaffa Gate and the Abbey of the Dormition - a perfect picture of the intersection between ancient and modern Jerusalem (and a fitting metaphor for the restaurant's cuisine). The Alrov location means it's convenient both to Mamilla Mall shoppers and those touring the Old City.


During the day, Kedma is a great place for sitting on the balcony (heated in winter) and tucking into a deli-style lunch with draft beer and a few friends; when night falls, the ambience becomes more subdued and more romantic, perfect for a softly-lit dinner for two. Groups can reserve private rooms for up to 15 diners.


Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 12:00 until last customer; Friday, 11:00 until 1 hour before Shabbat; Saturday, from 1.5 hours after Shabbat until last customer

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