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Touro is a new, trendy restaurant located near the Old City in Mishkenot Sha'ananim. The restaurant's namesake, Yehuda Tura, was an American Jewish businessman and philanthropist who donated money to Montefiore, enabling him to build the Mishkenot Sha'ananim neighborhood. The restaurant overlooks the picturesque view of the windmill, the new journalists club and Montefiore vineyard visitor's center.


Touro offers a Mediterranean, kosher meat menu designed by renowned chef Benny Ashkenazi, featuring dishes such as fish tartar, hijaki noodles, mushrooms and Jerusalem artichoke borekas, grilled artichokes, sea fish fillet with cream of eggplant over chickpeas, onions, artichokes, onions, and more, fish "chreimeh", duck confit, seven hour shpundra with root vegetables, Chef's Jerusalem grill, and many other irresistible choices.

Business Lunch Special: 20% off the whole menu on Sunday-Thursday from 12:00-16:00




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