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Sovoo, managed by Smart Tour, is the only company in Jerusalem that offers electronic bike tours around Jerusalem


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Sovoo's electronic bicycle sightseeing experience in Jerusalem is the newest way to tour the eternal city as you've never seen it before. The company's name is taken from the biblical passage "Sovoo tzion ve-hekifuha" - "surround Zion and encircle it." The newest sightseeing sensation is a winning combination of a wild motorized experience-riding on a solid, comfortable hybrid electronic bicycle-and a vocal navigation tour of Jerusalem's most interesting spots. 


The ride is smooth and comfortable with no physical exertion necessary, allowing you to glide through Jerusalem hotspots such as the City Center, Nachlaot, Machane Yehuda, Jaffa Street, Bezalel St, Gan Sacher, Valley of the Cross, the Old Train Station and tracks, the Bridge of Strings, parks and many other contemporary points of interest.


The innovative GPS technology application embedded in the bikes allows riders to identify their location at any point on the map on their own smartphone - even if you are offline. Just choose your desired route, mount your bike, and set off! Stop at any point of interest along the route to hear a bit about your location and then continue to the next point. 


Tour Routes:


There are several different routes available, all of which include fascinating points of interest with explanations that combine history and Jerusalemite humor, tailored to riders' interests. The freedom riders have to choose where to ride, what to hear, and where to stop transforms the tour into a new and unparalleled experience. There are several locations for your convenience for bicycle pick up and return.



Additional information: 


Additional, optional upgrades and conveniences include mid-route picnics (bikes include large baskets), coffee and cake from shops along the way which participate in special discounts for riders, and bathrooms along the way.



  • Paid Parking
  • Open on Saturday




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