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Jerusalem mall events


Jerusalem Mall Events

in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Mall is a Mecca for special shopping and food events. There are events throughout the year, particularly around the Jewish festivals where you and your family can come and enjoy special entertainments and deals galore all under the one roof of the Jerusalem Mall

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Jerusalem (Malcha) Mall

The Jerusalem Mall is not only a haven for shopaholics, but also a venue for events in its own right. These often take place at the time of Jewish festivals, but also during the long summer vacation too. The Jerusalem Mall host special baby morning, where parents and babies are encouraged to join in with experimental activities. They also frequently hold culinary fairs where you can taste delightful treats that are sure to leave you hungry for more opportunities to experience what is on offer.

Arts and crafts fairs are also held at the Jerusalem Mall, where you can purchase locally made products, usually sold by the artist who created them. Hebrew book week is also (in part) hosted by the Jerusalem Mall and is an excellent place to pick up a book at bargain prices - and there are also books in English for those who don't read Hebrew. The Jerusalem Mall has also played host to headphone parties, so if it's your thing to groove around with a set of headphones on (and be surrounded by a large group of people doing exactly the same thing) then don't miss out!

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