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Blue Dolphin Restaurant

מסעדת דולפין ים

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Located right off the seam line where the religious Jewish neighborhoods of Meah Shearim and Ma'alot Dafna run into Arab east Jerusalem is Shimon Hatzadik Street, home to the purported grave of the selfsame Shimon, a Second Temple-era high priest. It is a popular pilgrimage site for religious Jews, and home as well to the Blue Dolphin, an Arab-style fish restaurant.


Close enough to west Jerusalem to warrant a trip, especially on Saturday when dining options in Jewish sections of the city become relatively sparse, and conveniently near the several hotels along Route 1, Blue Dolphin specializes in flavorful and uncomplicated preparations of fresh local fish, including denis, labrak, sea bass and St. Peter's fish, as well as fish from further afield. Blue Dolphin also serves other seafood, such as the rarely-glimpsed-in-Jerusalem crab, served with your choice of accompanying sauces. Non-marine options run from salads to Lebanese fare, including lamb and beef.

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