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Olive and Fish Restaurant

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Located on Jabotinsky Street right across the street from Liberty Bell Park, the Inbal Hotel and Yemin Moshe's famous windmill, Olive and Fish is a retro-designed restaurant that creates a warm atmosphere featuring authentic photographs of generations of Jerusalemites and images of picturesque Jerusalem.


Olive and Fish is a kosher restaurant specializing in Mediterranean and international cuisine that appeals to both Israeli and foreign palates. The menu features a wide selection of fresh fish including sea bream, trout, tilapia which are served grilled with a variety of sauces, while creative chef fare for carnivores include beef filet medallions in berry sauce and duck in white wine sauce with pears.


The restaurant's climate-controlled veranda overlooks the park below. A private guest room in the loft upstairs can provide a welcoming venue for group dinners, business and other private events of up to 55 guests, while the main restaurant area can be rented out for up to 100 diners. ??Business lunch deals are served on weekdays from noon to 17:00. The service here is attentive and professional, and the atmosphere pleasant, making for a convenient and recommended dining experience.


Olive and Fish offers a business lunch menu which includes the finest dishes of the place offered at attractive prices to diners served Sunday through Thursday from 12:00 to 17:00.


  • Kosher

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 12:00 to 23:00; Fridays for private events by reservation only; Saturday, one hour after sundown to 23:30






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