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Mamilla Cafe

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Together with its sister establishments Rooftop, Mirror Bar and Winery, the Mamilla Cafe is part of what's making the Mamilla Hotel such a compelling option for dining and nightlife. While attached to the hotel, the cafe also has an entrance from the Mamilla Avenue shopping district, perfect for shoppers wanting to put their feet up for a moment with a cup of coffee or a light lunch in full view of the Old City.


Weather permitting (and for most of the year, when isn't it?), you can sit outside on the terrace, or inside either along a long central table or at cozy tables in the corners. The kosher dairy menu utilizes fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, with the standard complement of pastas, salads and sandwiches. A special menu is available for those dining on the cafe's terrace, and every Friday features brunch.

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