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Nocturno Cafe

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Nocturno - Coffee House and Home



Nocturno is a luxurious, mega-chic coffee shop and bar which has operated in Nachlaot for the past seventeen years and recently moved to its new home at the Designers in the City compound (but retained the same address).




Everything about Nocturno is unique: the place, the people, and the design. The café operates all day long serving aromatic café and a variety of dairy and vegan dishes, all made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients, and all prepared before your eyes. As evening falls, the cafe transforms into a dynamic pub, offering live musical acts, art, beer from the keg and good alcohol.


The unique design, the family atmosphere and the great food raised Nocturno's status to that of ultimate hangout for Jerusalem residents in general, students and lectures staff at Bezalel and the city's other art schools, writers and journalists and Nachlaot and city center residents and frequenters alongside business people, public sector workers, and tourists looking for a unique experience.


Nocturno at the Designers in the City compound:


The unique design of the new space facilitated opportunities for artistic, cultural, and culinary cooperation and collaborations with the multidisciplinary group of designers who make up the compound. The inviting space is ripe with opportunities for social interactions, business meetings, concerts, design encounters, literary events, film screenings, theme parties, and more.


Something special:


Every plate, bowl, serving piece, and cup is a piece of art, hand-made one of the compounds ceramics artisans. Like something you see? Order one for yourself and it can be yours.


One last treat:


Triple discount card: 10% discount for customers who buy something at the compound and to Gerard Bechar productions.

  • Accessibility for People with Disabilities
  • Free Wifi

Opening hours

Sunday-Thursday: 6:30-1:30

Friday: 6:30 until Shabbat starts

Saturday night: from when Shabbat ends until 1:30 

This week at Nocturno Cafe

A warm and cozy atmosphere, quality alcohol, keg and boutique beers, bar food and snacks, good music and live shows all await nightlife owls at Nocturno, located in the Designers in the City compound among the artist studios on Bezalel street. 
Nocturno, which serves as the ultimate meeting place for a wide range of people including Bezalel students, residents of Nachlaot and the City Center, journalists and media personalities, business people and tourists, is a dairy-vegetarian café by day which is transformed into a nightlife hotspot by night. When the sun goes down and the lights are dimmed, Nocturno becomes a vibrant, trendy bar which hosts live music shows, DJ evenings, social meet-ups, exhibits, installations, and theme parties.
Nocturno was chosen by Time Out Tel Aviv as one of the five spots in Jerusalem that Tel Aviv-ians shouldn’t miss visiting.

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