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The Armenian Museum closed until further notice

The Armenians are among the most enigmatic of Jerusalem's many ethnic and religious groups. Occupying their own small corner of the Old City, they sequester themselves behind gates and walls in a private compound, a tiny community still haunted by the specter of genocide – a genocide whose memory they ensure remains potent by plastering posters depicting its spread and severity on every wall in the quarter. A true encounter with the Armenians remains difficult for the average tourist, but curious travelers can stop in at the Armenian Museum, right off the Armenian Quarter's main road. Five shekels gains you entrance to the museum's elegiacally dilapidated courtyard, around which the museum itself is built.


The individual rooms' exhibits often offer a fascinating glimpse of the development of Jerusalem's Armenian community and of the city itself, but they tend to suffer from neglect and inscrutable or simply nonexistent labeling. Nevertheless, it stands as one of the best bargains among the Old City museums, and its distance from the tourist magnets guarantees a relatively serene browsing experience.

  • Open on Saturday

Opening Hours

Every day 9:30 to 16:30

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