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A visit to The Bloomfield Science Museum provides an enjoyable immersion in all things relating to science and technology. Here, interactive exhibits, integrated works of art and activities for the whole family act as bridges between scientists and the general public.


The museum is especially child-friendly, with hands-on exhibitions explaining everything from the principles of architecture to how the laws of physics operate at amusement parks. 

Guided tours for the whole family will take place in the "Games in Light and Shadow" exhibition. This new exhibition is designed as the Parisian home of Professor Archibald Shadow, a researcher, dreamer and shadows collector. In the house of the shadows' collector, visitors discover surprising, exotic and poetic shadows and become researchers themselves. In the exhibition, there will be dozens of active exhibits and works of leading Israeli artists that invite visitors to experience shadows: increase, reproduce, create layers of shadows, allow them to escape or capture them. 


At the museum you can find an additional 10 interactive exhibitions for all ages: Waterworks, Illusions, Electricity, Luna Park, Discovering Levers, CAPTCHA, and lots more. All tours, demonstrations, building workshops and activities are all included in the ticket price at no additional charge (except for the live performance) Other exhibitions include Innovation Inc., Waterworks, Illusions, Electricity, Luna Park, Discovering Levers, and lots more.


Innovations Inc., is an exhibition that traces the sources of Israeli technological and scientific innovations, and Touching Water is a trio of exhibitions boasting huge interactive displays in a pool of water which children and their parents are invited to operate, to understand the characteristics of water and to try out man made machines meant to conserve water.


The "Illusions" exhibit reveals how our minds delude us, while the CAPTCHA exhibit examines central questions at the basis of computer science. Other exhibitions deal with the universal qualities of communication, with electricity, the technology behind cranes and pulleys, and the scientific principles behind the attractions of an amusement park. 


New activity stations at the museum! 


“Building in the Sand”: An innovative sand box which serves as a challenging and experiential building site for kids ages 3 and up which includes a factory for making sand bricks and other challenging missions for kids and their parents which encourage imagination, problem-solving, creativity and team-work. Parents will be glad to know that at the end of the activity there is a cleaning corner which vacuums the sand off of you and your children so you can continue on your way sand-free.


“Blue Blocks” Station: a large area to play build and experiment with huge bright blue blocks in various shapes and sizes – encourages creative play, imagination, movement and cooperation – an international hit now at the museum. The unique sizes of the blocks give kids the opportunity to build huge structures and experiment with the basic laws of engineering.


Click on the "events" tab to see a list of current temporary exhibits and activities at the museum. Guided tours are conducted every day, along with demonstrations and workshops for youngsters where they can experiment and create take-home souvenirs. On Saturdays, holidays, and during vacations, there are scientific demonstrations and interactive performances for the whole family. 


The museum is also available to host private events such as family fun days, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, conferences and corporate events.


The Bloomfield Science Museum invites you and your family to enjoy a very special learning experience. | | 02-654-4888

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