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St. Andrew's Scottish Church

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The white-hot Jerusalem sunshine and swaying cypress trees couldn't be any more different from the rainy forests of Scotland, yet it is possible to find a touch of Scottish atmosphere in the Holy City. St. Andrew's Scottish Church and Guesthouse offers a space for contemplation, hospitality, and panoramic views of the Old City and Hinnom Valley. Another less known highlight of the place are the free baroque and classical concerts that resound powerfully within the majestic church. The views of the Old City make the guesthouse a popular choice for travelers, who can sip a cup of free coffee or tea in the garden while gazing out at the Hinnom Valley. But the location of St. Andrew's Scottish Church is conducive to other enjoyments, too-such as the cultural and culinary offerings that are only steps away in the German Colony. Nearby are the Khan Theater, the Lab, and the Old Train Station area.


A few streets further, and the flurry of restaurants, cafes and boutique shopping begins. Just across the street is the Liberty Bell Park, a green refuge that is especially popular in the summertime. The first Scottish missions to the Holy Land began in the nineteenth century, but the population of Scots here increased significantly after the start of the British Mandate. The foundation stone of the church was laid by General Allenby in 1927, and the church was ultimately dedicated to the memory of the Scottish soldiers who fell in the region during World War I. Now the small congregation of St. Andrew's provides hospitality to pilgrims in the Holy City. The church also provides exquisite musical performances, though this fact is so little-known that it is almost a secret of Jerusalem.

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