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Church of Notre Dame de Sion

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Perched amid the verdant Judean Hills, the Church of Notre Dame de Sion provides a refuge from the clamor of the city center. This nineteenth century convent overlooking the wadi below Ein Kerem and surrounded with trees includes a guesthouse that is open to the public. Here visitors have an opportunity to savor the peaceful beauty of the village of Ein Kerem.


The Church of Notre Dame de Sion was first established in 1861 as the Convent of St. John in Montana, so that the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion (a French order) and their pupils could benefit from the air and ambience of the Judean Hills. Later in the nineteenth century, a congregation was formed around the convent. During the massacres in Lebanon in 1863, the convent began to take in orphan girls. Now the buildings formerly used as an orphanage function as a guesthouse, complete with spacious rooms for lone travelers as well as for couples and families.


Tourists are not the only visitors to this guesthouse - it is also served by those who wish to find a space for silence, writing and contemplation. Magnificent gardens provide more inspiration to visitors, their location among the centuries-old walls and spectacular view of Ein Kerem imbuing the place with timeless beauty.

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