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Three of the gates in the Old City's walls vie for the honor of being the most stylish entrance through which to stride into the ancient heart of the Holy City. Jaffa Gate has centuries of precedent as the traditional pilgrims' portal. Damascus Gate gets a leg up architecturally with its looming medivalisms.


And Zion Gate? No gate has a name with greater resonance than Zion Gate – the dozens of Babylon-burning Rasta reggae anthems which namecheck the gate agree. Symbolic significance aside, the gate draws its name from its location; it serves as the portal between the Jewish Quarter and Mount Zion itself (it's also sometimes called David's Gate, due to the purported location of David's tomb on Mount Zion).


Keen observers may notice that the outside of the gate is absolutely riddled with pockmarks. Those would be bullet holes. During the War of Independence, the defenders of the Jewish Quarter staged a desperate battle against the Jordanian Arab Legion at the gate; the bullet holes remain as a testament to their sacrifice.

  • Facilities for disabled guests
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  • Open on Saturday
  • Kids friendly
  • Free entry

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