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Givat HaTanakh

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For all its famous beauty, Jerusalem does not appear at first glance to be the most verdant of cities. But venture off the beaten path a bit, and you'll find plenty of hidden gems of Jerusalem nature, public parks where the region's native flora and fauna flourish in the shadows of ancient monuments and modern apartment complexes. A standout among these hidden green spaces is Givat HaTanakh (Bible Hill). One of the few remaining building-free peaks in the city, Givat HaTanakh looms above the Khan Theatre in Jerusalem's Old Train Station neighborhood.


The views themselves from the hill's peak are quite impressive: the panorama encompasses the Old City and Mount Zion, the distant mountains of Moab to the East, Mount Gilo to the south, and the forested hills of the Judean Mountains to the west. But what truly distinguishes Givat HaTanakh is its unique location atop the divide in Jerusalem's water table: one on side of the hill, Emek Refaim sends water towards the Mediterranean, and on the other the Valley of Hinnom flows towards the Dead Sea. And with underground water close to the surface, Givat HaTanakh is carpeted with a profusion of gorgeous wildflowers during both the spring and fall - flower lovers take heed.


The hill's curious name comes its association with a passage in the Book of Joshua delineating the territory of the Israelite tribe of Judah: "Then the boundary ascended into the Valley of Hinnom, along the southern flank of the Jebusites - that is, Jerusalem. The boundary then ran up the top of the hill which flanks the Valley of Hinnom on the west, at the northern end of Emek Refaim."

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