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The Western Wall Tunnels

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The Jerusalem apparent to the modern-day visitor is by no means the entirety of the city. Honeycombing the very ground on which today's pilgrims and tourists tread are the remnants of 3,000 years of continuous civilization, roads and houses and mighty edifices built atop each other by a cavalcade of rulers and conquerors ever since the dawn of recorded history. Ground can scarcely be broken in Jerusalem without running into the bones of the past – especially in the Old City.


Israeli archaeologists after the capture of the Old City in the Six Day War wanted to unearth and expose as much as possible of the Western Wall, and in the process of doing so they tunneled deep under the surface of Jerusalem and uncovered a wealth of historical treasures. That bounty has been made available to visitors through the Western Wall Tunnels. The tunnels contain, along with a huge underground portion of the Western Wall, remnants of the road that ran beside the Temple Mount in Herod's time, a Hasmonean-era aqueduct and much more; perhaps the most impressive feature is a single 45-foot stone forming part of the Wall that weighs in at 550 tons. It is highly recommended to reserve a spot in a tour at least two weeks in advance.

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